Fellow Collector:

In January, 1999, a group of collector-historians interested in the use, history, and preservation of electron tubes and electron tube technology formed the Tube Collectors Association (TCA). The Bylaws of the TCA are located here.

Our Mission:

The Tube Collectors Association is established to support and encourage the collection of electron tubes of all types and historical periods. The TCA provides a forum for sharing information on the development, manufacturing, trends in design, specifications, and historical relevance of electron tubes. The membership of TCA is dedicated to the non-commercial collection of electron tubes and the preservation of electron tube history.

Our officers and staff are comprised of major collector-historians:

President & Editor

Ludwell Sibley, KB2EVN
(541) 855-5207

Vice President & Director

Jim Cross
(407) 401-4407


Bob Deuel, K2GLO
(541) 482-8752

Director & Webmaster

Norm Wilson, N6JV
(916) 689-3534

Chairman of the Board

Joe Knight
(310) 831-5556


John Atwood


Kirk Cline
(336) 392-5279


Jim Whartenby
(501) 282-2991

TCA members receive our magazine, Tube Collector, a bi-monthly publication filled with both technical and historical information relevant to electron tubes, much of which is not widely known or would require extensive research to find. In addition, Tube Collector reports on the current market value of collectable electron tubes and electron tube-related items such as literature, tube testers, and unique hardware. Finally, Tube Collector includes a non-commercial "Buy-Sell" list for use by members. For more on Tube Collector, use the "our magazine" link to your left.

TCA has an email reflector, open to members and others. It is a handy way to identify "mystery tubes" and communicate with other Collector-historians.  To join, simply send a blank, untitled email to:

The TCA is the current caretaker of the Perham-Eimac Archive The Perham-Eimac Archive consists of 48 shelf-feet of Eimac tube manufacturing information from 1942 to 1960 plus several cabinets of legal and miscellaneous information. this archive is available by arrangement to anyone wanting to do tube research. Please contact Ludwell Sibley if interested in using these archives.

The TCA was granted permanent 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization by the IRS, and as such we would be greatly interested in donations of tube-related archival material. Please contact Ludwell Sibley if you have such material you wish to donate.

Our membership is rapidly growing and we invite you to join. Dues for members in the United States, Canada and Mexico are $20 per year and $25 for all other countries. TCA now offers multi-year rates: two years, $37; three years, $54 (Corresponding rates for other countries: two years, $49; three years, $73). Instructions are available on the TCA membership application. Dues are payable to "Tube Collectors Association" at our Ashland, Oregon address:

Tube Collectors Association
PO Box 636
Ashland, OR 97520

TCA now accepts payments via !

Identify your payment to: tca@jkasystems.com
Please add your name and mailing address in the "notes" section of the payment.

You may also apply online using this membership application.


If you have questions or suggestions for the web page, please contact Norm Wilson: n6jv@n6jv.com.