Links to Collectors' and Tube Information Websites

Last Updated 6 June, 2015

TCA Tube Photogallery - The TCA photogallery is moderated by TCA member Ron Lawrence. Photos and descriptions can be emailed to him at w4ron(at)
Bill's Vintage Tube Site - This website of premier historian, collector, and TCA member Bill Condon has professional photographs of rare and important tubes plus articles he has written, including comprehensive articles on Arcturus, Moorhead, and Schickerling, to name a few.
Reverse Time Page - The tube sections of this website of collector and TCA member Mike Shultz feature photos of unusual and developmental types.
Norm Wilson's Webpage - This site has over a thousand searchable pictures of primarily transmitting tubes from the collection of TCA member Norm Wilson.
Lamps & Tubes Webpage - TCA member Giorgio Basile's site from Nivelles, Belgium features a very large collection of more than 2900 lamps and vacuum tubes.
Kilokat's Antique Lightbulb Site - This site of TCA member Tim Tromp is packed with pictures and information on a wide range of light bulbs plus a nice section on tubes. - The website of German collector and TCA member Udo Radtke features many photos of unusual and developmental types.
Virtual Valve Museum - TCA member Jeremy Harmer's fine site full of searchable tube pictures and data.
O'Neills Electronic Museum - Based on the collection of the late Rudolph Mangold showing pictures of many foreign types of tubes.
National Valve Museum - British website combining the collections of several groups and individuals to provide a large selection of photos and info.
Tube Museum - This German site has tube pictures and tube data with an English language section.
Hans-Thomas Schmidt's Homepage­ - TCA member H-T Schmidt's German language website. The röhren (German for tube) section offers history and pictures.
Frank's Tube Data­ - A comprehensive archive of over 20000 (!) tube technical datasheets from all over the world!
Antique X-Ray Tubes­ - Dr. Zahi Hakim's collection of x-ray tubes, kenotrons and x-ray equipment including x-rays of x-ray tubes. From Lebanon.
X-Ray Tubes from Poland­ - Dr. Grzegorz Jezierski's extensive collection of x-ray tubes at the Department of Applications of Chemistry and Mechanics at Opole University of Technology in Poland.
Jogis Röhrenbude­ - Jogi. Gittel's excellent German language website with great photography of tubes (röhren) and equipment.
Foundation for German communication and related technologies­ - A very comprehensive site for tube and electronic history prior to 1960. From The Netherlands.
A.S.E. – Associazione Storia dell’Elettronica­ -A.S.E. – Association on the History of Electronics. From Italy.
TUBECRAFTER­ - A site on amateur tube making by Ron Soyland.
Early Television Museum­ - An excellent TV museum in Ohio.