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-= Optional Feedback =-

   Your tube-related interests  (Feel free to list in order of priority):
___ Collecting
___ History of development
___ History of marketing
___ Other ____________________________
___ Use in communication gear
___ Use in antique radios
___ Use in audio gear
   Scope of your collecting  (Check all that apply):
___ "Wireless" era (pre-1922)
___ '20s-'30s era
___ "Modern" era ('40s-today)
___ Transmitting
___ Receiving
___ Radar (magnetrons, klystrons, TRs, etc.)
___ Literature
___ Industrial (thyratons, photocells, etc.)
___ Audio and recording
___ Cathode-ray and camera tubes
___ Early solid-state devices
___ Foreign tubes
___ Other_____________________________
Any Favorite Manufacturer?________________

   Services the Association should provide besides the Bulletin:

___ National meeting(s) (please name any location preference) ___________________________
___ Sponsorship of tube displays at national radio-collector events
___ Web site with tube information
___ Membership/collector directory
___ Special publications (reprints of important tube history, etc. too big for the Bulletin)
___ Other__________________________________________________________________

   Topics the Bulletin should cover (feel free to list in order of priority)
___ Trade/Sell/Want ads
___ Restoration hints
___ Tube-related museum news
___ Major collectors and "viewable" collections
___ Tube date codes
___ Biographies of important tube developers
___ Commercial ads
___ Histories of manufactureres
___ News of tube-related books
___ Auction results
___ Guide to current prices
___ Historical information
___ Guide to rating tube condition
___ Other ____________________________

   Things you can contribute:

___ Bulletin articles
___ Tube-auction reports form on-site
___ Other____________________________

   Other ideas? Feel free to place them on the rear of this page:

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